Accident clearing

Sometimes it’s essential that we work with emergency services to clear roadways and accident sites, but even if we are not consulted and you notice an issue, feel free to give us a call.  During accidents, safety is paramount and we have an experienced crew that can manage these hectic times for you.

We also understand if you have been through an accident, the last thing you want to think about is having your car towed, or whether it is still drivable or not, and which mechanic you might need it to go to. 

Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing aims to provide a quick and efficient service to make sure that everything from our end runs as smoothly as possible so that at least one aspect of a dire situation is taken care of.  We hope to take the stress out, or at least reduce it, form a stressful situation.

We are trained professionals who deal with people in these situations every day and want to ensure you that we can offer a quick, efficient service at a cost effective price.


A type ford

Aaah the A type.  It’s hard to look at this old beast and think, well they really improved on the old model (The t- typle ford).

We love the old cars thought and have a seen a few in our time but never had to tow one.  We think that’s great, too see them still going strong.

The first one produced was in 1927 and manufacturing only continued for 4 years (until 1931) until Ford again upgraded their designs.  These babies however won a place in everybody’s heart due to their classic look and place in history.

In a time when horses still outnumbered cars, over one million vehicles were sold in the first year and a half, and then in the next six months, another million following that.  It’s hard to imagine the road littered with these old cars these days but I guess that’s whats so special when you see just one of them on the road today.


Oldie but a goodie


3.3 litre Inline 4

Power Output

30 Kw or 40 horsepower


3 speed manual

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