Advertising Signs

Advertising signs

Large advertising signs and billboard seem to pop out of nowhere all the time.  How do they get there?  Well sometimes we help.  And if you’re a company that needs one installed and transported or are selling to businesses, contact us and ask how we can help.


Roll Royce

Any model – any kind.

Well any of the expensive kinds.  If you have ever been on to an online car sales website and looked at a Rolls Royce, you can see just how expensive they can be.  Sure there are cheaper models going around, but  half a million, or even a million for a sedan!  Just because it has a fancy grill plate!

We would love to get our truck on to them just to see one of these up close to see exactly why they cost so much.

We assume that they are bullet proof in every shape and form and are used for diplomats in dangerous countries.

All jokes are side, the workmanship of these vehicles are meant to be far superior, and the things are meant to run like clockwork for long periods of time.  Apparently 65 percent of all Rolls Royce vehicles are still on the road they continue to run that good.  Astonishing!

As for workmanship, the interiors are normally hand crafted to a level unmatched by other manufacturers.

Whatever, we just want to tear one down the street and see how they go.

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