Agricultural Towing


Need to get that tractor between farms or other long distances?  Need to bring in somebody else’s spray unit?  Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing can get it to you.  Just tell us where it is, tell us where you want it and we will be there in no time.

There’s no need to drive a tractor at 40 kilometres an hour with everybody stuck behind you on narrow windy roads just to get it to another paddock all the way across town.  We are here for you.

We can also pick up new equipment and have it delivered. 

 Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing understand the farm equipment is expensive and more importantly needs to be handled appropriately.  We understand that agricultural machinery isn’t just for being driven, it is for being used, to plough, to spray, to rake and it needs to be treated as carefully as any tool to ensure it operates to its full capacity.

Only we can make sure it gets moved on time, in a careful and efficient way, while at a cost effective price.


Lamborghini Egoista

Honestly, we don’t want to tow this car because we want to drive it.  It looks like something Homer Simpson would design (maybe they actually stole it off him) and wanting to see one up close is more a curiosity.  Like finding a strange looking bug when you were a kid.

With the name Lamborghini in it, and it’s model an Egotsta (containing the word Ego), you know that’s it’s not going to come cheaply.  Egoista actually means selfish and was actually promoted on that basis.

You won’t find one in the streets however as this beast really is a concept car, and even if it wasn’t, you would have to fork out $4 million dollars to get a hold of one.

Did we mention it only seats one person?  That’s right, true to its selfish nature, you can’t even give someone a lift to the shops in it.  The sine driver’s seat is actually located centrally in the vehicle with little room for anyone else.

Before we go, let’s not forget about the extra benefits though.    The body and wheels are actually made out of antiradar materials, so if you ever find yourself airborne in it (a possibility I suppose), NASA can’t track you.  I wonder if that works on police radars?

If you know anybody who get’s one of these, make them your very best friend.


Single seat coupe weird thingy


5.2 Litre V10

Power Output

447 Kw 600 horse power

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