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Don’t have a trailer of your own?  Just bought a boat and need it delivered?  You would be surprised how often boats need to be moved when they are not in the water.  If you are looking at getting your boat delivered or moved, if you need to get it to a servicer or you are getting a brand new delivery, give Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing a call.


Holden Torana

Not always a sports or muscle car but still a classic bit of Australian history.  Meaning “to fly” in a local aboriginal language, many a young driver almost did in those days.  OR at least they drove them like they felt like the were flying.

Released in 1967, this popular make was manufactured until 1980 and was boosted with a performance model released from 1970.  This was the popular model before the release of the commodore which is still available today.

The models grew ever more powerful as did there popularity as holden recognised that those that wanted to buy them ranged from people wanting a family or a solid, classy yet affordable car with guts.  Sometimes, there were those who wanted both equally in the one car.

While they are getting harder and harder to find, the Torana is starting to become a rare and classic model that brings with it a wealth of memories of those that grew up in its most popular era.

The Torana was the little brother of the Monaro, and between the two made a lunch chunk of Australian’s automotive history.

1974 LX Model


3 door hatchback

4 door sedan


2.85 Litre I6 –

5.0 Litre OHV8

Power Output

179 Kw

216 horsepower


4 speed manual

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