Caravan Towing


The good thing about caravans?  They liked to be towed.  But sometimes either during breakdown or after an accident they are not road worthy and cannot be towed by a regular vehicle.  This is where Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing can come in.  We can get your caravan to a repair facility or back to your property safely and securely.

Of course we are not just limited to caravans, but can also tow any camping trailer, fold out trailer and storage trailer that you may use for travelling, holidays and other purposes.

Caravans however can be quite difficult to tow given their height.  Pop up caravans that lay lower are normally easier and can be tied down, however if you have a tall caravan, especially one that is taller than normal, or extra long, it may prove difficult to tow.

As a good idea we recommend you write down or remember the general dimensions of your caravan for this purpose.  Upon making contact with Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing we may ask for these details or some general idea of the size and weight of your setup to determine if it suits.