Commercial Towing

Commercial towing

We don’t just work with members of the public, we can organise towing for commercial and industry as well.  Farming equipment, earth moving equipment, we’ve done it all.  We can also work in contracts if you need regular movements for your business.

Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing are also not afraid of long hauls, and are willing to travel long distances however please contact to discuss in advance as we may have other jobs lined up in our schedule that may conflict.


Jaguar E-Type

A classic car if you’ve ever seen one.

This British sports car was manufactured between 1961 and 1975.  It ticked all the right boxes.  IT dazzled with it’s looks and it performed to match.  It was also (relatively) affordable given its stature.  Not everyone could buy one but it wasn’t always out of everyone’s reach either.

TO show you it’s status at the time, a guy you may have heard of (if not, his last name should give it away) Enzo Ferrari, once called it the most beautiful car ever made.

With its extended long hood putting the drive way back in the chassis, this looked every bit the part it was meant to play.  A cool and chic vehicle that more than lived up to the changing trends of the 60’s.

The fact that it performed as well as it looked with great handling, made it every automotive enthusiasts dream car at the time.

These babies still go well over 100, 000 dollars so start saving

Series 1 E-type Jaguar


2 door coupe or roadstar


3.8 litre I6 or 4.2 litre I6

Power Output

198 KW 265 horse power


4 speed manul

3 speed automatic

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