Helpful Information from a Tow Truck Company’s Perspective

Sometimes it’s good to look at things from another perspective.  In this case we know it’s unlikely during a breakdown or accident that you will have the peace of mind to see thing from a tow truck operator’s point of view however we’ve provided some information that may help you understand important aspects of the day to day dealings from our perspective.   Here are some handy hints for dealing with towing services.

Have our number handy

If you’ve read the previous articles, you know that at the time of an accident or breakdown, stress is an important issue and anything you can do to reduce that stress will help.  We recommend that you put a tow truck number in your phone now, don’t think about it, just do it (seriously, we can’t recommend this enough)..  Having that peace of mind and quick initial contact often reduces the overall stress and when stress is reduced, it makes the job of a tow truck operator much easier.

Be prepared

Similar to above, have an emergency breakdown kit in your car.  There is nothing more than a tow truck driver loves than having the car pulled over in a safe position and surrounded by traffic cones or triangular emergency reflectors.  Tow truck operators are constantly ducking in and out of heavy and dangerous traffic so if you have provided a safe position for them to pull over and operate form the get go, they are going to think the world of you.   

Similarly, if you have provided exact information as to where you are, even better.  There are many emergency apps out there that can pinpoint your exact location, including latitude and longitude, making finding you much easier and reducing the number of times they have to turn around a large vehicle.

Both of the above are doubly important in bad weather that makes it hard to see, including contestant rain or thick fog.

Tow truck Companies

Face it, tow truck operators don’t have the best reputation, and we are aware of this.   They often get cited as “vultures” preying on accidents and breakdowns.  Normally this isn’t the case, and most of the time it is due to several companies all receiving a call at the same time from various sources, than all turning up at the same time. 

A towing service is sometimes touted as being too expensive however you will find that across several companies, the price is rather standardised.  It is not normally as expensive as many people believe, especially if you consider the price of a taxi these days, just to move a person form one point to the other, and we’re doing a whole car!  Not to mention that we sometimes taxi the person as well, how’s that for a two for one deal!

Many people also hesitate in contacting a tow truck, believing that the wait is going to be too long.  Normally speaking, a tow truck can arrive as quick as any other vehicle in traffic however there are some extenuating circumstances and we are well aware that sometimes wait times can be extended.  However these are normally for specific reasons, which may include extreme traffic jams in your area, extreme bad weather meaning that we are particularly busy, or that you are located in an extremely far location (and as we said, it’s still standard time for any vehicle).  OR sometimes it may be a combination of all of them.

Dealing with Tow Truck Drivers

While any situation may be stressful and potentially dangerous for yourself, regardless of how many time a towing operator has been in the job, the danger never dissipates, and any job can become stressful if things don’t go to plan.

More so than the traffic, the one issue that can normally stress out the operator, or create a more dangerous situation, is the customer.  Tow truck operators are used to dealing with stressed out individuals and often receive bad attitudes form people due to the current scenario however for the sake of all involved, there are a few things that you can remember to make the whole situation run more smoothly. 

First of all, read the information on the other articles in regards to making the site secure for yourself and others, and as above, provide all the necessary information to the towing company to ensure that their arrival is safe and prompt. 

Try to remain calm, you are in good hands.  Towing operators do this on a daily basis and if you remain calm and listen you will be out of the situation in no time.  The most important thing you can do however is listen to the operator.  It is likely they have been in this exact situation many times and know the fastest and safest way to get the site clear and you back to where you would like to be, whether it’s your own home, or the party you’re on the way to.

Remember to courteous and grateful to the driver, it is a hard job and dealing with nice people is always the greatest reward!