Movable Structures

Movable structures

Everything from sheds to demountable buildings that can be moved from property to property can be moved by Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing.  The difficulty with many portable structures may be loading so please ring us before organising a movement.


The Batmobile

If batman ever breaks down – we want to be there!

You know, if he doesn’t already have his own service helicopter.

We tried looking up the specs for the batmobile and alas, came up fruitless.  You think that someday would have at least tried to fabricate something.  Perhaps it depends on which version you’re talking about.

Regardless, the machine must be an over performer and we assume it could out pace just about anything with 4 wheels.  Combined with its gadgets make it one of a young lad’s first dream car.

Reality is such a disappointment.

Oh, and for those that want to know, the first appearance of the vehicle was in Detective Comics  number 27 way back in May 1939.  It would probably give the A-type Fords a run or their money.

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