Plant and Machinery Towing

Plant and Machinery

From Forklifts, bob cats, tractors to larger grading and excavation equipment (within our load limit range as size and weight can vary for plant and machinery).  Employing Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing can be especially handy if you you’ve had your own moving equipment break down or need to hire equipment for a job that was larger than you thought.

We can tow all sorts of plant and machinery, this includes, but is not limited to agricultural and farm machinery such as tractors and sprayers, to excavation plant such as diggers and graders.

Need a tractor delivered from farm to farm and don’t want to drive at 40 kilometres an hour with everybody stuck behind you on narrow windy roads?  We are here for you.

Need to get in more excavation equipment because your client want the job done yesterday?  We are here for you.

Have a friend with his own digger and need to borrow it for a weekend job on your house?  Yep, you guessed, we are here for you.