Repossession and salvage tows

Repossession and Salvages

Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing have worked with a number of businesses and government agents to move those overdue, out of date and even illegal vehicles from time to time.

And while it’s not as fun as some TV shows make it out to be, yes, we are used to dealing with people and un wanted customers as well, and will always treat them in a courteous manner as we understand that we don’t always understand what they are going through.

If you have a company or similar body that relies on quick salvage jobs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


DMC DeLorean

The name of the car (DMC DeLorean) won’t always mean anything to someone you know.  But if you say that cool looking car from back to the future with awesome butterfly opening doors – they’ll be able to picture it instantly.

Nope, we’ve never towed one, let alone having towed a car with a flux capacitator (fingers crossed) but let’s keep our hopes up shall we.  The DMC was never actually available in Australia, in fact, only 16 right hand drive were ever manufactured.

A few can still be located, exported here from the United States to various car cllectors, and are now valued way more than they originally were when first introduced.

The car itself is vastly underpowered compared to its popularity and it’s look, and was quite underwhelming as a sports car, even for it’s time.  Luckily however, the use of it in the Back to the Future trilogy cemented it’s place in car history.

I mean, come one, it’s not like we actually want to drive the thing.

We want to fly it.


2 door coupe with butterfly opening doors


2.85 litre V6

Power Output

97 Kw 130 horse power


5 speed manual


3 speed automatic

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