Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance

Sometimes you don’t even need a tow, and help is too far away.  At Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing, we may be able to get you up and running before towing is even needed.  Our experienced staff can change tyres, provide jump starts and may even be able to retrieve locked keys in the car.


T type Ford

Let me take you back to the beginning.  Of time, no.  But where the automotive industry really kicked off.

First manufactured in 1908 many argue that this here was indeed the first fully affordable car for the average person (average being middle class mind you).

Due mainly to Fords vision of a efficient assembly line, these babies were cranked aout at a price never seen before, forever changing the transport landscape.

Would you rather be riding a horse?

The very first model sold for only $825 dollars ( approximately $25K by todays standard)

Although it had a 2.9 litre engine, it only produced 20 horsepower and had a top speed of only roughly 40 miles an hour, or 70 kilometres.

It only had two gears!  Even the worst automatic driver could figure that out.

Not to mention the lack of decent suspension.

Still, these rare beasts are a true gem and would love to tow, find or drive one day


Oldie but a goodie


2.9  litre Inline 4

Power Output

15 Kw or 20 horsepower


3 speed manual

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