Show Vehicle Towing

Show Vehicle Towing

Never say Sunshine Tow Truck and Car Towing cannot provide a more delicate service when required.  We know sometimes your vehicle will require extra car and attention – especially the case for antique, prestige or shoe vehicles.  We have a range of soft straps available to ensure that your prize possession doesn’t receive any marks.  Loading ramps can be used to allow the car to be aligned safely atop the tray.

We can pick new cars up for you so the remain in their undriven state, or even if you are selling cars as a business we can provide a transport service to ensure it remains in mint condition.  We can deliver cars for you, deliver cars to you, and all with expertise and professionalism, not to mention a competitive cost.

Don’t believe us, give us a try.


Pontiac Firebird

The earlier the better, the Pontiac Firebird (originally to be named the banshee) has been around 1967 and was unfortunately discontinued in 2002.  Originally built as a competitor to Ford’s  Mustang and Mercury Cougar and Chevrolet’s Camaro, it was more than a worthy competitor. 

Regardless of the generation, the chassis and shape have always looked flash and complete the perfect mix between muscle car and sports coupe. 

The difference to the other cars of similar stature at the time was the elongated hood, purposely made five inches longer to set it apart and mark it as difference.  This also gave it better balance by pushing the driver further back in the chassis and form the wheel base.

The comfort level was also buffed compared to the competitors of the time making for a better all-round drive.

We love the look of these cars but have never had the chance to drive one so if you happen to own one, make sure you break down nearby and we will tow you for free on the chance to give your car a drive once it’s up and running again.

You won’t see many of the older cars about these days with the estimated priced of a 60’s firebird taking you to over sixty thousand dollars ($60,000). 

Details (Original model)


2 door coupe with convertible option


3.8 – 6.0 Litres Pontiac V8

Power Output

320 horse power


2 – 3 speed automatic or 3 – 4 speed manual

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